Rwandan community starts beekeeping!

Last month - April 2018 - we were thrilled to receive this photo, among others, with videos (to be edited and uploaded soon) and an email from our Rwandan partner. Here is an extract:

...this Monday 16th 04/2018 we reached Beulah community - one of our two communities, located in Rwanda eastern province about   40 km from Kigali our capital around 9pm under a rainy weather.


We were received by all brothers, joyful to receive this new project  which will surely have a positive impact on their lives.


The 8 hives were put on their stand, and for this night it was what we could do.


…We are very blessed to receive the necessary for this first step and expect positive impact on our financial life.

This impact include,


·  Increasing our food security   

·  Stepping financially the community from low income to medium     income standard of life

 · Building a sustainable business that can grow through the   

   production of sub-products from beekeeping-source of extra                                                                                                                    money.

Claude and family proudly displaying their new beekeeping kit.

Bless you and my God give you the best from his holy treasure.  Claude