Why I need a bee shed

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A to Bee Part 1 

The following statement and photo are from a Facebook post by Suzanne Dickinson from 14th July 2017


....Not sure what's going on in our kitchen, but the floor is very sticky! 🐝🐝🐝😊

Welcome to the first of my blogs on our journey -

A to Bee - in other words, some history of how we 

got here and then the ongoing journal of  Bee Blest.


So, the above post, appearing almost a year ago

very much echoed the sentiments of all three of my

house mates - my wife and 2 other ladies. All very

long-suffering though Suzanne herself actually

suffered the least.

Honey was everywhere and....basically, my life

would have not been worth living had this continued.


It was soon after our small kitchen was taken over 

by all things honey that I decided I needed to get a

dedicated space: a honey shed; a store for beekeeping

equipment; a skills development centre; a retreat hut

and most certainly a Man Cave!

At the time I had no place for it but that's faith for 


Now, as you will see from videos and photos and 

other posts, I actually do have a shed in a field that

has been miraculously provided.

I only very recently discovered that my Grandfather -

Franciszek Kurpiel - who also kept bees, used to hide

away in his shed and also have a snooze there.           

The "old-man-snooze" genes have clearly passed to

me as I love to recharge with a 15-20 minute power

nap and...what better a place than near home but on

the out-skirts, in the fresh air,in my  own shed, in a

field which is to become  an orchard, near my

growing army of beautiful bees?

There will be more in these A to Bee pages on my 


Look out for one that explains why I simply could not

avoid becoming a beekeeper - coming soon.