This is me in my first Apiary at Morley Street

in Sheffield - kindly provided by Brian Legge.  I am indebted to him for how he really gave me a great "leg up." 

I am Andrzej (Polish for Andrew). I am married to wonderful Sharron and we have four children and four grandchildren. We have lived in Sheffield since Uni days where we met and got married 33 years ago. I have worked as a doctor for 26 years (as a GP in Sheffield for much of that time) as well as serving as a local Pastor. 

Six years ago I took early retirement from the NHS to focus on Pastoral care and other activities.  I now work part time as the Volunteer Coordinator at the local Jesus Centre which is run by our church.   


I started beekeeping 2 years ago and see this fitting in very much with who I am and with much of what I aim to do in finding opportunities that were not there before to bless more people here and abroad.

Who are we?

"We" includes all: who connect with our vision of empowering people to lift them out of poverty through beekeeping; who support us by buying bee products or by direct giving and, of course, our amazing volunteers, whose help at Bee Blest Apiary is indispensible.

If any of this describes you then you are one of our "Workers for a better world" and you can officially become a member.


More locally and specifically "Bee Blest"  is a social enterprise. 

I have the help of many - all of whom I thank wholeheartedly. See my list of thanks here.

I am part of a large team of caring and supportive people - from members of my natural family to those who I see as members of a wider family who help out in various ways.

This wider group is developing into a community where we all belong, feel needed and are able to play our part. 

Many in the big team are unable to work for a living or have limited possibilities, for various reasons, but clearly still have much to offer as well as potential to discover and develop.


"Workers for a better world" includes the very hard working honey bees who don't realise how much of a blessing they are!

If you would like to support us by becoming a member please click here.